Val Frenkel

Val Frenkel
Val Frenkel, PhD, PE, P.Eng, DWRE
VP, Process Engineering

Dr. Val Frenkel is a renowned global expert with over four decades of experience and a proven record of delivering advanced solutions for water, wastewater, and water reuse systems as well as salinity management, desalination, and membrane technologies.

Val has a successful record of applying technological approaches to provide project cost savings, often through the development of new technologies and applications used worldwide for treating water and wastewater. He also serves as overall project manager responsible for the delivery of complete treatment systems including coordination of permitting and ancillary design disciplines. Dr. Frenkel’s expertise includes all aspects of water and wastewater including program and project management, process design based on conventional and advanced technologies; membrane-based processes including MF, UF, NF, RO, ED, EDR, EDI, and MBR; potable water and wastewater treatment; water reuse; desalination; and salt management for industrial and municipal applications, food, power, semiconductor, oil and gas industries. 

Professional Affiliations  

  • Water Environment Federation 
  • American Water Works Association 
  • International Water Association 
  • American Society of Civil Engineers 
  • International Desalination Association 
  • American Membrane Technologies Association 
  • European Desalination Society 
  • Professional Engineers, Ontario 
  • Water Reuse Association 
  • American Academy of Water Resources Engineers 

Areas of Expertise  

  • Water and Wastewater process engineering 
  • Water Reuse 
  • Desalination 
  • Membrane technologies