Changi International Airport, Terminal 4

Changi International Airport, Terminal 4

Changi Airport Terminal 4

As part of the design-build team, TYLin was appointed to provide civil and structural engineering services for the Changi International Airport, Terminal 4 project in Singapore.

Terminal 4 and its associated infrastructure were developed to serve the growing demand for air travel at Changi International Airport.

TYLin was specifically responsible for the civil and structural design of five vehicular bridges, one single-span bridge crossing an existing underpass, and one pedestrian bridge.

Project Highlights:

  • Featuring two sets of two-lane carriageways in one elevated structure, the airside bridge uses one carriageway for passenger buses and the other for linking service vehicles to a main boulevard. 
  • The airside vehicular bridge also houses high-tension cables and information technology services. 
  • The two-lane landside overcrossing allows vehicles to access Terminal 4 and other airport terminals more easily.  
  • Three ramp bridges provide vehicular access to the airport terminal for convenient passenger pickup and drop-off. 
  • The single-span bridge forms part of a service road network and was designed to cross over an existing underpass. 
  • The overhead pedestrian bridge across Airport Boulevard links pedestrians to Terminal 4 from a bus shelter.


Changi Airport Terminal 4