Z Line Bridges

Z Line Bridges

Southeast Mexico
Z line

IDEAM, A TYLin Company, through the subsidiary IDEAM Ingenieros Estructurales de México, has been awarded the contract for "Technical Viability Studies and Executive Projects for the Rehabilitation, Replacement, Modernization and/or Reconstruction of 7 Railway Bridges in Section 2, KM. Z-137+564 to Z-186+046, of the 'Z' Line," between the towns of Ubero and Mogoñe, in the State of Oaxaca in Mexico. With a length of 212 kilometres, Line Z connects the states of Veracruz and Oaxaca and is integrated into the Mexican railway network of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. 

The client, RECAL, has the contract for the construction, execution, and commissioning of the works related to the replacement of seven of the 16 currently existing railway bridges of section 2, under the management and supervision of the Secretary of the Navy SEMAR.  

This project seeks to establish Line Z, in conjunction with Lines K and FA, as a freight rail transport service that links the cities, railway ports, and southeastern states with the most significant potential to spur socio-economic development.