Sajid Abbas

Sajid Abbas
Sajid Abbas, PhD, PE
SVP, Bridge Sector Leader, Americas

Sajid Abbas specializes in the design and analysis of long-span bridges in areas of high seismicity, applying his extensive knowledge of the design of iconic bridge structures in the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

Sajid earned his PhD from University of California at Berkeley with an emphasis on the design of cable-supported bridges. His training is in bridge design, earthquake engineering and linear and nonlinear analysis of long-span bridge structures. Sajid is also an expert in bridge dismantling, having worked with the California Department of Transportation on several dismantling projects for the original San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. 

Sajid’s portfolio of work spans the globe and ranges from network arch to concrete segmental and cable-supported bridges. His mastery of segmental design and construction is evidenced by such projects as the award-winning Skyway component of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge New East Span and the New Benicia-Martinez Bridge, both located in high seismic zones in California, as well as the Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge in Bangladesh – the first bridge in the country’s history to cross the Jamuna River. 

Sajid is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Institute of Steel Construction.