D4 Highway and R7 Expressway

D4 Highway and R7 Expressway

D4 Highway and R7 Expressway in Bratislava

TYLin designed a new radial highway, interchange, and the pavement for all roads for the D4 Highway and R7 Expressway in Bratislava, Slovakia.

TYLin’ designs focused on the layout, drainage, pavement, and signaling of a new radial highway, the R7, which is 32 km long with two and three lanes in each direction, going from the city center to the southeast.

Section 3 departs from the existing Bratislava (Prievoz) interchange and reaches the Ketelec interchange, connecting the R7 Expressway with the D4 Motorway. It is a 6,3 km section with three lanes for each direction and three interchanges.

Apart from the detailed design for the highway mainline, Our team oversaw the detailed design for the interchange with the Slovnaft refinery and the connecting branches with the D4 at the Ketelek interchange.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLin was responsible for the pavement design of all the roads included in the concession (the two highways, connecting branches and the rest of roads and tracks).
  • The project included the preparation of the BoQ for the earthways and pavement structures (27 km from the motorway and 32 km from the expressway, divided into five sections and 14 interchanges).