Water / Waste Sectors

Water / Waste Sectors

sherbourne common
Sand City
Monroe County East Side
Accelerated Water Main Replacements and Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacements
Drinking Water

Whether it is innovative water treatment, technological applications of desalination and reverse osmosis, replacements of lead service lines, water pumping and distribution, we work with public and private clients to deliver sustainable drinking water systems that are dependable, energy-efficient and resilient.

clean river
Basement Flooding
newton creek
highway 417
Woodside Ave Flood Control

Combining state-of-the-art technologies with proven principles, TYLin provides the full range of wastewater collection, pumping, conveyance, treatment, reclamation and reuse, and return to the environment for municipal and private agencies, industrial industries, and developers.

Watercourse Graphic
Wilmington, Delaware
Richmond, Virginia
elgin mills greenway
sewer grate
Water Resources

When it comes to managing water resources, communities must address water quality and scarcity challenges, replacement of aging infrastructure, and resiliency in the face of a changing climate while planning for future growth.

Southwest Brooklyn Marine Transfer Station
Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Facilities
Middlesex County Cogen Feasibility Study
Solid Waste

There are no great cities without great sanitation. As we have turned to sustainable and resilient solutions for managing waste, cities are able to implement strategies and solutions that improve the environment and uplift all communities.