Wastewater systems keep the environment clean so communities can thrive.

Whether the challenge is updating or designing pumping stations, conveyance and collection systems, or treatment and storage facilities, TYLin’s full scope of wastewater resources helps communities protect their well-being and the environment. 

Drawn from our global experience, our technical expertise and innovative solutions are demonstrated through the collaboration we bring to project teams. 

For our clients, including government agencies, developers, contractors, and environmental consultants, the result is effective wastewater facilities based on proven, global experience with a precise focus on local needs. 

Wastewater Leadership

Abe Khademi
Abe Khademi, P.Eng.
Water Sector Leader, Americas, Senior Vice President


We provide a full array of economically and technically sound services that ensure wastewater systems are sustainable, resilient, and serve short-term needs while addressing long-term conditions.

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