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Mariano Valle, PE

Senior Vice President
Director - South Region, Americas
Director - Caribbean, Latin America Division, Americas


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Mariano Valle

Mariano Valle is the Director of T.Y. Lin International’s South Region in the United States and the firm’s Caribbean, Latin America (CLA) Division.

With over 25 years of professional experience, Mariano is responsible for the strategic planning, promotion, leadership, and management of key infrastructure and transportation projects across the southern United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. He also serves as a member of the T.Y. Lin International Board of Directors.

Large-scale projects designed and constructed under Mariano’s direction include airports, long span bridges, and rail and transit systems. Such projects include: Line 1 and 2 (currently under construction) of the Panama Metro in Panama City, Panama, the largest Metro system in Central America; the Lima Metro Line 1, the largest engineering project completed to date in Peru’s history; El Dorado I and II International Airports Master Plans in Bogota, Colombia; the Puerto Montt Airport New Passenger Terminal in Puerto Montt, Chile; and the I-395 Reconstruction Project in Miami, Florida.