Market Sectors


Planning, program support, program management, design, inspection services, and construction management for aviation projects including airport access roads and bridges, surface parking and parking garages, interchanges, passenger terminal buildings, aircraft parking aprons, taxiways, runways, aircraft hydrant fueling, pre-conditioned air and 400Hz ground power systems. View Projects


Projects that include Suspension, Cable-Stayed, Arch, Segmental, Conventional, Pedestrian, and Transit Bridges. View Projects


Site development (parking lots, garages, internal roads, site utilities) as well as all work included in the planning, design, construction, and outfitting of vertical structures (programming, architecture, interiors, structural, mechanical, electrical, codes) and related facilities, whether for the government or private sector. View Projects


Projects that include planning and programming, inventory and assessment, infrastructure, anti-terrorist force protection, energy, environmental, civil works, new facilities and renovation of existing facilities, and construction management for federal projects that include bridges, roads, airfields, railway systems, dams and levees, and port and marine structures. View Projects

Mobility, Planning, and Management

Projects that include studies and modeling of a variety of transportation systems and facilities including bridges, roadways, rail and other mass transit systems, personal rapid transit (PRT) systems, ferries, pedestrian, bicycle, and other modes of transportation as well as projects involve planning, designing, operations, and management of systems that move people and goods more efficiently using intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and technology related solutions, and sustainable strategies to improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure. View Projects

Ports and Marine

Projects that entail heavy civil and mechanical structures used for waterborne transport of goods and people. View Projects

Rail and Transit

Projects involving fixed guideway and exclusive right of way for the transport of passengers and goods. Light rail, heavy rail, freight rail, suburban rail, intercity and high-speed rail, monorail, maglev, and automated people movers. View Projects

Surface Transportation

Projects concerned with highways, bridges, and corridors for rubber-tired transportation and pedestrians. View Projects


Projects that focus on the planning and design of sustainable, resilient, and economically sound water systems, including drinking water treatment facilities, watermains, water supply and distribution systems, water booster pumping stations, elevated tanks, bridge and culvert flow capacity design, sanitary sewers and collection systems, sewage pumping stations, wastewater treatment facilities, low impact development and green infrastructure, stormwater and watershed management, and floodplain mapping and flood mitigation studies. View Projects