T.Y. Lin International Announces Completion of Galveston Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge in Chandler, Arizona


T.Y. Lin International (TYLI), a globally recognized full-service infrastructure consulting firm, announces the completion of the Galveston Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge in Chandler, AZ. The new structure crosses over Arizona State Route 101 (Loop 101), re-establishing a vital link in the City’s Bike System while also reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality. TYLI was responsible for the design of the bicycle and pedestrian bridge, as well as post design-services, where the firm worked closely with the City of Chandler and the Arizona Department of Transportation to address requests for information (RFIs), review shop drawings, and coordinate changes during construction.

The Galveston Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge consists of three superstructures, including a single 257-foot-long steel box girder over the Loop 101 freeway, which came in three separate sections weighing 58,000 lbs., 82,000 lbs. (over the center span), and 58,000 lbs. respectively; a single cast-in-place box girder over the Price Road Frontage Roads; and a concrete slab at the ramp locations. A constant solid slab depth section was used and designed during construction to give an appropriate balance to bridge aesthetics and contractor methods.

TYLI’s design also called for visually-pleasing details such as decorative fencing with steel sail elements, which mirror the theme of the nearby Thude Park, a popular destination for enthusiasts of radio-controlled aircraft. Decorative lighting and brick pavers were also installed at the landing areas to give pedestrians a welcoming entrance to the bridge. To provide users with quicker access to the bridge, a staircase was added after 95% plans were completed. The staircase was designed on reversing curves to miss an adjacent fiber optic duct bank.

The design of the Galveston Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge called for Y-shaped piers on the east side to catch a “swooping ramp” on both sides of the pier. Innovative approaches used by the contractor and permitted by TYLI included the utilization of Lenton Terminators on the piers to relieve reinforcing steel congestion at the pier caps. Modifications to both abutments to accommodate proper drainage were also made during construction. In addition, the southbound frontage road was reduced to one through lane to accommodate the bridge within tight right-of-way conditions.

“T.Y. Lin International is proud to have partnered with the City of Chandler and the community on such an important and visually distinctive structure,” said Dan Heller, P.E., TYLI Vice President. “The new Galveston Street Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge connects local residential areas, parks and shopping areas, offering residents a welcome alternative to driving or taking public transportation.”

To view more photos of the project, please visit TYLI's Google+ page.