T.Y. Lin International Announces Completion of Scioto River Pedestrian Bridge in Dublin, Ohio


T.Y. Lin International (TYLI), a globally recognized full-service infrastructure consulting firm, announces that the Scioto River Pedestrian Bridge in Dublin, Ohio, has been completed. As Prime Consultant for the final bridge design, TYLI worked with the City of Dublin to develop the unique bridge concept, which resulted from a collaboration between TYLI and the Architect, Endrestudio of Emeryville, California. The new signature pedestrian bridge serves as a critical transportation link for pedestrians and bicycles crossing the Scioto River.

The gracefully aesthetic, 760-foot-long Scioto River Pedestrian Bridge follows an “S” curve alignment, with a steel superstructure that passes through the “eye” of the concrete pylon tower without any vertical support. The deck is a steel box girder with an asymmetric “V” form, which changes shape as users cross while maintaining a 14-foot clear deck width from end to end. The pylon has a total height of 176 feet and measures a dramatic 110 feet high from the walking surface to the top of the tower.

Following the completion of final design, TYLI produced the plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E) package and solicited for bids. The firm worked with numerous structural, civil, and electrical engineering firms based primarily in Ohio to maintain local consultant participation.

“The Scioto River Pedestrian Bridge that we see today is the landmark structure envisioned by the City of Dublin for its residents and Franklin County communities. T.Y. Lin International is proud to have played an important role in making this iconic structure a reality,” said Dan Fitzwilliam, P.E., Senior Bridge Engineer.

The City of Dublin is developing a vibrant, walkable mixed-use district around the civic and historic core of the city. The Scioto River Pedestrian Bridge connects the site of the future Riverside Crossing Park on the east side of the river to Downtown Dublin’s commercial, residential and retail businesses on the west side.

Photo credit: Cory Klein Photography, courtesy of the City of Dublin, Ohio

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