T.Y. Lin International Awarded Eugene C. Figg Medal for Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) is proud to announce that the Hoover Dam Bypass/Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge was awarded the 2011 Eugene C. Figg Jr. Medal for Signature Bridges sponsored by the International Bridge Conference ® (IBC). The distinguished Figg Medal recognizes “a single, recent outstanding achievement in bridge engineering that, through vision and innovation, provides an icon to the community for which it was designed.” TYLI previously won this award in 2009 for Sanhao Bridge in Shenyang, China and in 2006 for Dagu Bridge in Tianjin, China.

TYLI received the prestigious Eugene C. Figg Jr. Medal at the IBC Bridge Awards Reception held on June 7 in Pittsburg, PA. The project was cited as a "Monumental work in a fantastic, natural setting, complementing the engineering wonder of Hoover Dam."

David Goodyear, Chief Bridge Engineer of TYLI, led the design of the Colorado River Bridge segment of the bypass project, directing the engineering design for this North American record concrete arch across the Black Canyon. The $116 million dollar bridge comprised a major portion of the total project cost ($240 million).

The full "Hoover Support Team" consisted of a consortium of HDR, Jacobs Engineering and TYLI working under the direction of Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD) of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in consultation with the Arizona and Nevada Departments of Transportation.