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Accelerated Water Main Replacements and Sewer Rehabilitation and Replacements

New York, New York

Market Sector

Surface Transportation, Water


Construction, Sanitary Sewers, Watermains

Services Provided

Construction Management, Construction Engineering and Inspection


Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography
Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography
Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography
Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography

T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) provided Resident Engineering Inspection (REI) services for the New York City (NYC) Department of Design and Construction (DDC) for the construction of water main replacements and sewer rehabilitation and replacements at various locations in Manhattan.

The scope of construction work included installing distribution water mains to improve the city’s water distribution system; replacing very old existing water mains that required the transfer of water services to the new water main; replacing existing nonfunctioning or defective fire hydrants and gate valves; and rehabilitating and replacing existing sewers as required.

TYLI provided a Resident Engineer, Office Engineer, and an Inspector to oversee the construction and perform the coordination, management, and administration from the pre-construction phase to the close-out phase of the project. This included monitoring the contractor’s daily work activities for conformance to contract specifications and drawings. TYLI was also required to produce and maintain accurate project records.

Project Highlights:

  • Estimated total water main replacement measured 22,935 linear feet.
  • TYLI provided complex maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) and maintenance of service (MOS) plans.
  • Construction in the vicinity of NYC Transit facilities, such as subway roofs and emergency exits, was carefully planned to avoid service disruptions.