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Alex Fraser Bridge

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Construction Phase Services, Construction Engineering and Inspection



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T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) provided construction engineering services for the Alex Fraser Bridge in Vancouver, Canada, for the British Ministry of Transportation. The TYLI team analyzed all construction stages and provided the camber curves to the contractor.

At the time of completion, the Alex Fraser Bridge was the world’s longest cable-stayed crossing. The bridge measures 2,525 meters long, with a 465-meter-long main span. The steel frame for the bridge, which comprises two steel edge girders and transverse steel floor beams, was erected in pieces using a light derrick crane at each end of the cantilever. The concrete deck slab was precast in small sections and placed on top of the frame. The joints of the precast slabs are on top of floor beams, with the steel and concrete members connected using shear studs welded onto the beams and girders. High-strength concrete was placed to fill in the gaps to achieve composite action.

Project Highlights:

  • Developed as a joint effort between TYLI and the contractor, the efficient erection scheme for the steel frame allowed the bridge to be completed ahead of schedule.
  • The Alex Fraser Bridge was one of the first major cable-stayed bridges to incorporate a composite deck.