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Automated People Mover at MIA

Miami, Florida

Market Sector

Aviation, Mobility, Planning, and Management, Rail and Transit


Landside Infrastructure, Multi-Modal Studies, Passenger and Transit, Systems

Services Provided

Construction Management, Design, Architecture


Photo Credit: Steven Brooke
Photo Credit: Steven Brooke
Photo Credit: Steven Brooke

This new Automated People Mover (APM) System connecting the Florida Department of Transportation’s new Miami Intermodal Center/Rental Car (MIC) Facility to the airport's MIA Mover station. The completed MIC serves as a major transportation hub for highway, mass transit, and rail systems to Miami International Airport’s landside terminal pedestrian bridges and parking garage structures. The new APM system includes two new elevated stations and a 1.2-mile guideway structure utilizing segmental construction.

T.Y. Lin International is part of the consultant team responsible for the engineering design and construction including structural design of guideway segmental construction--both the steel girders and the precast beams which connect to the MIC station.

The electrical engineering design for the guideway system includes the utility coordination (i.e. power, communication, chilled water piping) construction phasing site inspections. The electrical engineering efforts included the coordination of all the existing power feeds with the new station demands, and the guideway lighting design both for normal operations as well the as the emergency systems.

The team also designed the interface for the traction power substation between the power supply and the DC current traction power systems for the trains. The mechanical engineering design included in the coordination of the existing MIA chilled water system with the new station demands and the coordination of the plumbing and storm drainage from the new station with the existing MIA infrastructure.

Maintenance of traffic plans were also created by our civil design team and coordinated between a very aggressive construction schedule and the demands of maintaining the operations of MIA without construction impacts.