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Beigang Matsu Bridge

Beigang City,Yunlin County, Taiwan

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Construction Management, Design, Planning, Surveying, Seismic Analysis and Design


Asia Pacific

The Project included the development of a planned route in Yunlin and Chiayi Counties across the Beigang River, covering a total length of 5,270 meters.

The scope of work included a section of graded road that is 4,015 meters long (including the bridge approach roads) and the bridge itself, which is 1,255 meters long and 27 meters wide.

The main bridge across the river, known as Matsu Bridge in the Yunlin-Chiayi counties, is Taiwan’s first single-tower extradosed bridge. The bridge consists of two 125-meter spans that form a 250-meter long continuous bridge, which was constructed using the cast-in-place free cantilever method.

  • The Matsu Bridge Project combines sophisticated engineering concepts with landscape design techniques and cultural practices, and demonstrates the successful introduction of advanced foreign bridge engineering methods to Taiwan.
  • The new concepts strengthened domestic engineering practices and implemented a design which embodies a “cultural, environmental, and sustainable” landscape bridge.
Annual Golden Road Award, 2008
Ministry of Transportation and Communication