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Bih-tan Bridge

Hsintien City, Taipei County, Taiwan

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Construction Management, Design, Planning, Surveying, Seismic Analysis and Design


Asia Pacific

The Bih-Tan Bridge, located 15 kilometers south of Taipei, is one of the major structures of the Northern Taiwan Second Freeway.

Because of the bridge’s high visibility, the Freeway Bureau appropriated an additional 10% in construction funds to make sure that the bridge would be compatible with the surrounding environment.

TYLI’s final design included two 800-meter long parallel bridges. A tunnel through the hills meets the bridges on the east side of Hsintien City and crosses Hsintien Creek in the scenic Bih-Tan area.

Project Highlights:

  • The structural behavior of this bridge style is complex; the cantilever Y-arms form arch shapes that act as a rigid frame for the 160-meter main span and the 100-meter side spans.
  • The structures are cast-in-place prestressed concrete arches that consist of a single-cell box section that is 16.36 meters wide for 3 lanes of traffic. Both structures are on a 750-meter radius curve with a 1 percent slope. The approach spans range from 57-85 meters.
  • The simple shape and graceful, curved arch appearance integrate elegantly with the surrounding landscape to form a magnificent and memorable landmark.