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CD Southbound Roadway System - Miami Intermodal Center

Miami, Florida

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Bridge, Surface Transportation


Conventional, Roadway Design

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The Miami Intermodal Center (MIC) program is a major transportation improvement project led by the Florida Department of Transportation that will ultimately serve as one of the most important transportation hubs in the state of Florida. The center itself is located adjacent to Miami International Airport. The purpose of the MIC program is to provide intermodal connectivity between the various modes of transport in the area, including Amtrak and regional rail systems; people mover and mass transit Metrorail systems; Greyhound and city buses; and shuttles and taxis.

Project Highlights:

  • Part of a multi-million dollar transportation improvement program
  • New roadway/bridge design
  • Inter agency coordination ( Florida Department of Transportation, Miami-Dade Transit Authority, Miami-Dade Aviation Department)
  • FAR Part 77 – Obstructions to Navigation

As part of the MIC program, an intricate network of new roadways and bridges are required to enhance connectivity and the flow of traffic to and from the MIC and surrounding areas. The firm designed a new elevated collector/distributor roadway system connecting Miami International Airport to SR-836 (the Dolphin) expressway, governed by Miami-Dade Transit Authority. The project included bridge design and plan preparation for AASHTO beam bridges. The design of substructure encompassed hammerhead and pier type on drilled shaft foundation. Additional engineering services included drainage design, pavement marking and signage. The firm is currently providing construction phase services for this project.