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Chaozhou Railway Program – Pingpei Elevated Structure

Pingtung County, Taiwan

Market Sector

Rail and Transit


Communications and Signaling, Passenger and Transit, Stations, Yards and Terminals

Services Provided

Architecture, Construction Management, Design, Surveying, Environmental, Seismic Analysis and Design


Asia Pacific

As a part of vital Chaozhou Railway Improvement Project, this Project will involve changes to the Kaohsiung Rail Underground Program including the relocation of the Kaohsiung station to Chaozhou; the establishment of a new Chaozhou train station; and the electrification of a section of dual track between Pingtung and Chaozhou.

Elevating the railway and eliminating surface crossings will be necessary components. The Project will provide a safer public transportation network in the Pingtung City area and create increased potential for urban development.

Project Highlights:

  • The elevated viaduct works will run from Liu-Kwai-Tsu Station to the north of Guangdong South Road, for a total length of 3.4 kilometers.
  • New, electrified double tracks will be placed between two stations, from the TRA Pingtung Line Liu-Kwai-Tsu Station (UK22K + 293) to just south of Pingtung Station at the Guangdong South Road viaduct (UK25K + 694).
  • A new elevated train station at Pingtung will be designed to include two island platforms, four tracks and a 3-story railway station facility.
  • The station design will include a 1st floor main hall (including ticketing areas); a cargo/luggage room and commercial shops; a 2nd floor main hallway (including the administrative area and commercial shops); and a 3rd floor elevated platform.

Services Provided:

TYLI Taiwan will be responsible for the design of railway station and viaduct, civil engineering services; railway construction; electrical-mechanical details; and construction management.