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Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study

Santa Clara County, California

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T.Y. Lin International was the Prime Consultant for the Comprehensive County Expressway Planning Study, which developed a $2-billion Implementation Plan for the improvement and maintenance of 62 miles along eight expressways in Santa Clara County. The expressways were designed to relieve local streets and supplement the freeway system. In addition to single-occupant automobiles, bicycles, pedestrians, carpools, and public transit use the expressways. Appropriate goals for each expressway were developed based on each expressway’s unique characteristics and local community needs.

Project Highlights:

  • Built consensus on prioritization and recommendations of improvements through a collaborative planning process
  • Developed a Bicycle Accommodation Guide (BAG) to accommodate bicycle use
  • Developed a tool kit for pedestrian crossing treatment at key intersections

A collaborative planning process was used during the study to ensure the 11 local cities and their residents would support the Implementation Plan. The foundation for the collaborative process was a solid technical analysis. Study process and direction was monitored and guided by a Policy Advisory Board (PAB) which consisted of 18 elected officials and reviewed by a Technical Working Group (TWG) which included staff from 15 agencies. The County Roads Commission and County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) were also included in the process. The project also had an extensive public involvement process, including a web site ( with an e-mail link for submitting comments, a telephone public hot line, public opinion surveys, and over 30 community and stakeholder meetings.

The study collected traffic data and provided analysis of existing conditions; projected 2025 traffic conditions; developed conceptual improvement strategies and designs; conducted block-by-block evaluation of pedestrian, bicycle, sound walls, and landscape needs.

Additionally, the project team developed a Bicycle Accommodation Guide (BAG) to be used as the design standard guidebook for all County expressways. T.Y. Lin International was retained by the County to prepare construction plans for the Tier 1A projects and operational improvement projects.

A unique challenge posed by this project was the diversity of the communities and stakeholders who use the expressways. The expectations ranged from facilities that were multi-modal, arterial or freeway-like to facilities that were focused more on bicycle and pedestrian uses. The most significant challenge was to recommend improvements meeting specific community needs while adhering to consistent standards and policies within limited and foreseeable funding sources.

Merit Award, 2005
Consulting Engineers and Land Surveyors of California (CELSOC)