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Dan Ryan Expressway

Chicago, Illinois

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T.Y. Lin International was selected by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) to prepare the complete Phase II plans, specifications, and contract documents for part of the $600 million dollar total reconstruction of the south section of the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-94) from Halsted Street (IL Route 1) on I-57 (west leg), and from Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive on the Bishop Ford Expressway (east leg) through the I-57/Bishop Ford/Dan Ryan Expressway Interchange north to 71st Street, a total distance of approximately five miles.

The project involved the reconstruction of eight northbound and southbound mainline lanes; addition of a northbound and southbound auxiliary lane; reconstruction of connecting ramps to frontage roads for improved geometrics; new highway drainage collector system; new high-mast lighting system and signage; removal and/or rehabilitation of selected retaining walls; construction of 31 new retaining walls; protection slabs for existing water mains and sewers that were in close proximity to the final pavement surface; maintenance of traffic; packaging of final plans and documents; and project coordination with multiple design consultants and the Client. TYLI’s reconstruction plans of the south section consisted of 35 separate sets of contract documents.

The Dan Ryan Expressway serves as the major link from the southern region of the City of Chicago and suburbs and from northwestern Indiana, to the Chicago Central Area. Carrying 275,000 vehicles daily, I-94 is one of the world’s busiest highways. TYLI’s design section was approximately five miles of the overall 11-mile reconstruction project. The Expressway configuration was in a depressed section with numerous retaining walls for ramps and frontage roads and overhead structures for crossing streets.

Contract 2 – Roadway Lighting

Coordination with the general lighting designer on the locations of lighting appurtenances. Work included custom structural design of the high mast foundations on walls and steep (2:1) side slopes. Total Construction Value: $26 Million, TYLI Portion: $8 Million

Contract 3 – Storm Sewer Laterals

Advanced installation of 27 separate storm sewer laterals ranging from 21 to 48 inches in diameter. Total Construction Value: $8 Million

Contract 12 – 79th to 83rd Ramps – NB and SB

Advance construction of two collector-distributor roadways, four exit and entrance ramps, and six retaining walls between 83rd and 79th Streets. Total Construction Value: $14 Million

Contract 17A – Ramps and Walls – NB and 17B Ramps and Walls SB

Two collector-distributor roadways on the northbound side of the Expressway, including ramps and 12 retaining walls between Halsted Street on I-57 and 71st Street on I-94. Total Construction Value: $34 Million (17 A) and $38 Million (17B)

Contract 17D - Utilities

Construction of 6,300 feet of water main and 2,500 feet of combined sanitary/stormsewer relocation. Total Construction Value: $6 Million

Contract 20, 20C, 23 and 23C – Mainline Halsted Street to 79th Street

Preparation of 4 separate pairing contracts for reconstruction of the existing four mainline lanes and the addition of an auxiliary lane along the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-94) from 95th Street to 71st Street. Extensive staging plans were required in the interchange area in order to keep the required number of lanes open during the various stages. In addition, all lanes had to be reopened for the winter stage, which occurred in the middle of the construction schedule. Total Construction Value: $67 Million (20), $6 Million (20C), $56 Million (23), $16 Million (23C)

Eminent Conceptor Award, 2009
American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois (ACEC-IL)
Project of the Year Award (More than $100M), 2008
American Public Works Association (APWA) Chicago Metro Chapter