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Delaware River Flood Insurance Study

Port Jervis, NY to south of Trenton, NJ

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A series of three devastating flood events in three subsequent years called attention to this great interstate river and the necessity to review the cause of these distressing floods. The outcry of affected communities was escalated to the halls of our political representatives and, as a result, the Governor of the State of New Jersey as well as local politicians pushed for a swift resolution to the genesis of these flood events.

Project Highlights:

  • 126 detailed study of one of America’s major waterways.
  • The Delaware River is the largest undammed river east of the Mississippi River.
  • Over 15 million people rely on the waters of the Delaware River Basin for drinking, agricultural, and industrial use.

T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) was tasked with the initial effort to conduct survey sampling of the bottom of the river to establish a datum of comparison between existing cross sections and newly found river bottom elevations. The outcome revealed significant differences which prompted the State of New Jersey and FEMA to authorize a full and in-depth re-study of 126 miles of the river from Port Jervis, New York to south of Trenton, New Jersey. Due to the geographical impact this river carries, a task force was formed consisting of multiple federal, state and local agencies to tackle and resolve any seen or unforeseen issues as well as provide for a comprehensive endorsement of the subsequent outcome. A deadline was then established for the updated hydraulic study to be revealed to public entities on an accelerated schedule.

This project represents TYLI’s successful strategies utilized to manage this major undertaking, including the intricacies of balancing the technical effort along with the communities and the task force’s needs, concerns and tight schedule. This parallel course required a strong team of experts to not only conduct in-depth hydraulic modeling, but also provide leadership to keep the task force focused and the project on-schedule. This study was completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders involved and currently updated flood maps are being adopted in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.