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Ensenada International Airport Feasibility Study

Ensenada, Mexico

Market Sector



Airport Planning

Services Provided

Planning, Surveying



T.Y. Lin International was responsible for the formulation of the master plan that includes a feasibility study for the development of the new international airport facility. The main objectives of this project includes the development of an airport facility that offers a variety of services to support international trade, and the potential development of the EIA into a major cargo facility and part of a larger multi-modal operation in the area.

Project Highlights:

  • Coordination with multi international agencies
  • Coordination with international financing groups
  • Coordination with Mexican regulatory agencies
  • Production of a marketing, business and financial strategy
  • Marketing the airport

As part of the feasibility study, The T.Y. Lin International team worked under a project work plan in order to produce the marketing and business strategy; the financial strategy; the airspace and impact model; environmental and land use analysis; and the technical requirements for the development of the airfield, terminal development implementation strategy, the development of the airport related infrastructure (on and off); and the access roadway network.

All of these tasks were performed in accordance and full compliance with the standards and planning criteria as specified by the US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and the International Airport Transport Associations (IATA).