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Evaluation of Central Energy Plants

Fort Jackson, South Carolina

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Energy and Environmental

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Mechanical and Electrical Engineering/ESD, Program Management, Code Services



T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) served as the lead on the Architectural/Engineering (A/E) team responsible for a study that evaluated and supported the renovation of four existing central energy plants (CEPs) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, as well as the construction of a new CEP system. The evaluation project, which was successfully executed under tight time and budget constraints, was contracted through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District.

Along with the new CEP, the existing CEPs were evaluated in order to determine whether the combination of CEPs would be enough to support both current buildings and the added load of 12 new facilities and four Basic Training Complexes (BTCs) forecasted for construction in the near future.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLI evaluated existing CEPs 1, 3, and 4 in order to determine the capability of the individual CEP systems, as well as any upgrades necessary to support current and future construction reflected in the current edition of the 2025 Cantonment Master Plan.
  • The A/E team was required to determine whether CEP 2 could support the Quad Dining Facility Complex or if it required upgrades. Load calculations were based on square footage of the buildings connected to the CEP, with and without Starship Barracks 11,000 and 12,000 connected.
  • A planning charrette was conducted by TYLI to facilitate discussions for the new CEP 5, which has been planned for the BTC 3 project.