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Evanston Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

Evanston, Illinois

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Mobility, Planning, and Management


Multi-Modal Studies

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Planning, Surveying



T.Y. Lin International prepared the first Multi-Modal Transportation Plan for the City of Evanston, Illinois. The plan addresses all transportation modes (bicycle, freight, pedestrian, transit and vehicle) in a manner that is representative of community values. The Plan built off the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, Lakefront Master Plan and various neighborhood plans to develop a set of transportation goals and objectives for the community. Infrastructure, program, and policy recommendations were developed in support of these goals and objectives.

Project Highlights:

  • Design guidelines for all modes of transportation
  • Sustainability component
  • GIS database services and map preparation
  • Public involvement program

T.Y. Lin International developed design guidelines for each of the transportation modes: alleys and maintenance/municipal service needs, bicycle, parking, pedestrian, roadways and transit, including rail and bus.

The Plan was prepared at the same time that the city was preparing a climate action plan. To ensure coordination, a sustainability component that included recommendations for expanding the city’s green fleet, promoting car sharing, developing a green roads rating system, developing an eco-pass, encouraging transit oriented development and reducing vehicle miles traveled.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) was used to catalog the location of existing and proposed improvements. T.Y. Lin International prepared more than 20 maps as well as a GIS database containing demographic, pedestrian, automobile, and bicycle counts as well as sidewalk condition assessment data that was collected by project staff and municipal volunteers. The GIS database also was used to assess the need for pedestrian improvements.

An extensive public and stakeholder involvement process was undertaken in the development of the Plan. T.Y. Lin International conducted focus group meetings, collected input from a technical committee and policy committee, obtained input from a community survey to more than 500 people, and held a community workshop during which a community polling session was conducted.