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Facilities Condition Assessments for GSA

Region 4 (Southeastern US)

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Architecture, Code Services, Design, Planning, Structural Engineering



T.Y. Lin International has provided GSA facility condition assessment services for more than 23 buildings since July 2006. These buildings, located in GSA’s Region 4, have ranged in size from 15,000 square feet to 380,000 square feet. Building types have included federal courthouses, offices, leasehold space, and historic structures, some of which date back to the 1800’s.

TYLI’s responsibilities for these assessments include determining the general conditions of the buildings – everything from architectural systems, to M/E/P, to structural integrity and site landscaping. Each assessment begins with a kick-off meeting, where TYLI interviews the building facility manager to obtain a complete history of the structure. TYLI uses a combination of GSA questions, and more in-depth questions we’ve derived from our expertise in this line of work.

Field work is broken out into two GSA levels: either 3.5 or 4.0. A level 3.5 involves a more general walk-through where the team establishes a building’s baseline condition by looking at systems as a whole, not individual components. A level 4.0 involves more detailed analyses.

Once the building’s condition has been ascertained, TYLI documents all existing equipment for GSA’s database, in order to help determine age, expected life, etc.

TYLI then creates a cost model that depicts facility replacement versus repair for any components that are either non-compliant with current building codes, or that are at the end of their useful lifecycle. This cost model allows GSA to create budgeting guidelines for future upkeep (or renovation) of their buildings.

In addition to the cost model, TYLI also documents deficiencies – a list of what’s lacking or out-of-date within the buildings – and assigns a dollar value to them. These amounts are used to determine how much money is required to replace or repair the deficiencies based on CSI’s uniformat.

The ultimate goal is to determine the FCI (facility cost index).