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Hesperian Blvd Traffic Management and Bus System

Alameda County, California

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Mobility, Planning, and Management


Electrical Systems/ITS

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Design, Planning



T.Y. Lin International worked with agencies in Alameda County, San Leandro, Hayward, Union City, and Fremont to provide a multi-jurisdictional traffic management system on Hesperian Boulevard. T.Y. Lin International supervised the engineering studies and preliminary designs. We prepared contract documents to furnish and install interconnectivity between all signalized intersections, field and office software, and computer systems.

Project Highlights:

  • Implementation of bus rapid transit technologies

In addition, T.Y. Lin International provided services for institutional arrangements; permit and funding applications; and field fine-tuning and staff training. In a subsequent phase of the project, we studied bus operations on three portions of the corridor and evaluated options to use advanced signal pre-emption to improve bus travel on a five-mile segment of the corridor.

The Bus Priority Pilot Project tested options for use of advanced transit priority treatment at traffic signals to improve bus travel time and schedule adherence. Options included green extensions (priority treatment) from normal signal operation when the bus is behind schedule or full; signal timing modifications to favor bus travel calculated with a computer travel model; and similar timing modifications based on field observations.

The pilot project included outfitting 10 AC Transit and six Union City Transit buses with Opticom emitters, GPS devices, and bus priority system software. Twelve traffic signals in San Leandro and San Lorenzo, and eight signals in Union City were also equipped with Opticom detectors and discriminators. The pilot project included operation.

Best California Partnership Award
California Alliance for Advanced Transportation Systems (CAATS)