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I-580 Smart Corridor and I-580 HOV Lane

Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California

Market Sector

Mobility, Planning, and Management


Electrical Systems/ITS

Services Provided

Design, Planning



The I-580 freeway is a vital transportation link connecting the San Francisco Bay Area with the Tri-Valley and the Central Valley areas. As a result of the rapid growth in these areas, the 10-mile I-580 Corridor in eastern Alameda County ranks among the most congested corridors in the Bay Area. This 10-mile corridor accommodates Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (BART’s) extension in the median of the freeway. It also uses advanced technologies and real-time system management techniques to manage and balance traffic flows and speed on the freeway corridor and the adjacent arterial streets parallel to the north and south of the freeway.

Project Highlights:

  • Widening the freeway to five lanes
  • Providing for BART trains in the corridor median
  • Creating a transportation management plan for the deployment of ITS
  • Creating HOV and auxiliary lanes
  • Adding a HOT lane

T.Y. Lin International’s planning and detailed design services for a full multi-modal solution for this corridor have included widening eastbound I-580 to five lanes; providing for BART trains in the corridor median; creating high occupancy vehicle (HOV) and auxiliary lanes; and adding a high occupancy toll lane. Additionally, T.Y. Lin International created an integrated transportation management plan for the deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) at targeted locations along I-580. The resulting improvements significantly facilitate mobility for both people and goods by reducing congestion and delays and providing transit links.