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Idaho Avenue Pedestrian Overcrossing

Santa Monica, California

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Design, Architecture, Construction Phase Services, Seismic Analysis and Design



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Photo Credit: Tom Paiva Photography
Photo Credit: Tom Paiva Photography
Photo Credit: Tom Paiva Photography
Photo Credit: Tom Paiva Photography
Photo Credit: Tom Paiva Photography

T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) served as Prime Consultant for the Idaho Avenue Pedestrian Overcrossing (POC) in Santa Monica, California. Designed by TYLI, the landmark pedestrian bridge is a curving structure with a signature V-shaped pier that emerges seamlessly from the historic Idaho Trail and spirals tightly around the vertical clearance envelope of the California Incline roadway. The overcrossing connects to a new multiuse pedestrian/bicycle path, offering panoramic views while providing users with a safer, more efficient path of travel.

The new Idaho Avenue POC replaces a deteriorating structure, formerly known as the California Incline POC, constructed in 1957. TYLI services included providing a structural assessment report of the existing overcrossing; architectural design and visualization; final bridge design; plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E); construction support for the overcrossing; and improvements to the Idaho Trail, which runs along the coastal bluffs of Palisades Park.

Because a contractor was already working onsite on another project, TYLI recommended that the City of Santa Monica (City) use the same contractor for the Idaho Avenue POC project. While this accelerated the design process, the solution greatly reduced public inconvenience by utilizing existing road closures and detours.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLI’s design represents an innovative, context-sensitive design solution tailored specifically around site constraints.
  • Project challenges included working with a trail with a steep 10% grade, space limitations, a site located between erodible cliffs and the City property line, and a large elevation drop.
  • The aesthetic V-pier profile resembles a nautilus shell, facilitating a visual connection to the marine environment.
  • TYLI provided 3D model files of the V-pier for the construction of accurate forms.
  • The overcrossing gracefully transitions from the trail grade to a code-compliant staircase that progressively widens on the decent.
  • The cantilevered bridge deck is accentuated by a transparent, LED-lit cable railing that minimizes view obstructions.
  • TYLI redesigned the Idaho Trail to minimize maintenance and erosion, including a new drainage system.
Arthur G. Hayden Medal, 2017
International Bridge Conference (IBC)