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Illinois High Speed Rail Engineering

Springfield, Illinois

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T.Y. Lin International was selected by the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) to provide field verification services for the improvement of track between Godfrey and Lincoln, Illinois to accommodate future high speed rail service. The Class of Track is being improved from its current condition to a FRA Class 6 standard (110 mph Freight & Passenger). To accomplish this, the UPRR is utilizing its Track Renewal Group working with a Track Renewal Train (TRT) to reconstruct 85 miles of track on its Springfield Subdivision from Godfrey to Lincoln, Illinois. Daily production includes the installation of over 18,000 feet of rail and 4,600 ties. The track renewal operation involves a total consist length of nearly10 miles, including the TRT, and follow–on UPRR production equipment.

TYLI, as the Oversight Contractor, will provide verification and documentation of all project activities, including all materials placed and labor utilized for the benefit of the project on a daily basis, project schedule, budget status, project expense verification, and review of invoice accuracy. The goal of the assignment is to ensure that all work progresses in compliance with the requirements of all State and Federal funding agencies, and the flow of funds to the UPRR begins early, continues throughout the process, and payments are made in-full at the end of the project.

The Illinois High Speed Rail project was the first of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act rail corridors to initiate actual construction. TYLI, serving as an extension of railroad staff, assisted UPRR with project management activities to deal with many implementation challenges. These included:

  • Monitoring construction work activities, schedule compliance and real time cost estimating for UPRR forces and over 15 contractors and vendors
  • Corridor construction staging that required the shutdown of an entire 70-mile section of the corridor for two, nine-day periods each month, from September to December
  • Developing work progress and funding compliance reports for ever-evolving Federal reporting requirements
  • Developing project quality management plan, quality assurance procedures and quality document record keeping