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Irondequoit, New York

Market Sector



Commercial, Mixed-Use, Residential

Services Provided

Code Services, Design, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering/ESD, Planning



Inspired by a vision to improve the Town of Irondequoit in New York, I-Square is a new, mixed-use development that creates a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly “Town Square” atmosphere by blending shopping, dining, and living in one place. T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) has been an integral player since the plan’s inception. Along with helping to refine the site master plan, TYLI is providing full engineering services (including utility layout, stormwater runoff calculations, and street design), landscape architectural services, and traffic analysis.

Project Highlights:

  • The development will comprise seven new two- to three-story infill buildings and a new street.
  • Retail shops and restaurants occupy the ground floor space while upper floors provide office space and residential units.
  • The developer has worked closely with local businesses to make this a cooperative effort, and both local officials and many of the town’s 52,000 residents have enthusiastically received the project. The development is bringing new, attractive architecture with modern amenities, all constructed to be environmentally responsible and energy-efficient.
  • In addition to the area’s existing businesses, an art gallery, outdoor performance area, community learning center, and several rooftop gardens are planned, along with significant gathering spaces for all ages.
  • To date, the roadway construction of Baker’s Park is complete. The main I-Square Building 1 is complete, along with the Imaginarium (Building 4). The Imaginarium is a two-story, 9,000-square-foot, Net-Zero-Energy Education Center for Art and Science.
  • The main parking lot is also complete, with electric vehicle charging stations.
  • TYLI is working with the developer to expand the current vision to include residential/senior living and additional retail structures on recently purchased property to the east of I-Square.