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Jiangbeizui CBD Infrastructure

Chongqing, China

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Surface Transportation


Roadway Design

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Jiangbeizui CBD (Commercial Business District) is a modern financial business district in the heart of the city of Chongqing. Within the 2 square kilometers area, a wide variety of financial centers, commercial office buildings, and large scale public and cultural facilities all combine to create an exciting model for future development in the City.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLI China provided comprehensive engineering services for the design of urban infrastructure in all dimensions, point, line, and surface, and at all levels, from high level to micro levels. The results included a reduction in the Project’s construction period and greater control of the budget.
  • With extensive experience in urban transport infrastructure design in mountainous terrain, TYLI was able to optimize road alignments, provide creative solutions to address vertical design challenges, and maximize opportunities for underground transportation such as light rail transit systems.
  • Transport capacity was improved by utilizing underground space for rail transit.
  • TYLI’s experienced, multi-disciplined engineers worked with third parties to achieve the successful and visually-appealing integration of industrial and commercial zones into an ecologically vital and important area.

Services Provided:

The master plan for Jiangbeizui CBD was carried out by China Urban Planning Institute, with TYLI China in charge of preparing the regulatory plan.