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Kaoshiung Railway Underground Program

Kaoshiung City, Taiwan

Market Sector

Rail and Transit


Passenger and Transit, Stations, Yards and Terminals

Services Provided

Architecture, Construction Management, Design, Surveying, Seismic Analysis and Design


Asia Pacific

The Kaohsiung Railway Underground Project is an urban renewal project that will promote the revitalization of local businesses while increasing the transportation capacity between North and South Kaohsiung. This project will not only satisfy local needs for convenient transportation, but will also create future development opportunities for the City.

The Project includes the design and construction of a cut and cover tunnel and approach section, and two new underground railway stations.

The total length of Kaohsiung Railway Underground Project is 3,557 meters with a 2,200 meters long cut and cover tunnel, a 630 meters long approach section and 727 meters at grade.

The platforms for the Mingchu and Dashun Stations (at Mingchu Road and Taishun Road) are 180 meters long and 5.2 meters wide at the second underground level.

Project Highlights:

  • Each station has a main entrance at grade and feature different architectural styles.
  • At Mingchu Station, the design includes hexagonal units based on organic carbon molecules which are used to form tree-like structures for the main entrance.
  • The theme for the Dashun station is a “DNA Code”, using double-helix “DNA” structures and curved glass to form images of phoenix birds to decorate the main entrance.