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MIA Runway 8R/26L Pavement Rehabilitation

Miami, Florida

Market Sector



Airside Infrastructure

Services Provided

Construction Management, Design



The firm was responsible for design services as well as construction management for the pavement rehabilitation of Runway 8R/26L at Miami International Airport; including adjacent connector taxiways and associated utility adjustments. The project also included adjustment and replacement of existing airfield lighting and associated airfield vault work, pavement striping and grooving. Phasing and maintenance of aircraft were key elements of this project.

Project Highlights:

  • Runway & Taxiway Rehabilitation
  • Pavement Evaluation & Design
  • Airfield Geometry Adjustment
  • Airfield Electrical Replacement
  • Safety/Phasing/Maintenance of AOA operations
  • Construction Administration & Inspection

The professional services provided by the firm included: preparing contract documents, engineering reports, construction estimates, quality assurance/quality control, project management, and assisting the County with bidding and award, as well as work site and work-related services during the construction phase. Engineering services included civil, electrical, and structural design.