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Mianyang Urban Integrated Transport Planning

Mianyang, China

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Mianyang, the only science and technology city in China and the second largest city in Sichuan Province, is located in northwest region of Sichuan Basin.

According to the master plan, the central district of Mianyang will extend up to 500 square kilometers, with a building area of 150 square kilometers and an anticipated population of 1.45 million by 2020. The scope of the Project includes the entire urban area of 914 square kilometers.

Project Highlights:

  • TYLI China integrated the transportation planning concepts into the urban space strategic plan and urban master plan, optimizing the effect of transport planning on plans for land use and urban development.
  • The successful integrated transportation solutions for the Mianyang urban area and downtown area were established with respect to the topographic conditions and other challenging factors.
  • Highlights of TYLI China’s plan included the merging of low-carbon-oriented transportation concepts and the development of a multi-mode integrated transport system.
  • In order to best serve the decision-making needs of the government, TYLI China established a sequenced construction plan for urban space projects in accordance with the City’s development priorities.
  • TYLI provided comprehensive support to Mianyang’s public transportation companies in order to improve bus operation management and initiate urban public transport planning.

Services Provided:

Working with Tongji University, TYLI China was responsible for the integrated transportation plan.

The scope of work included the urban transport development strategy, intercity transportation, urban road networks, parking, public transportation, urban freight transportation, non-motorized users, traffic management, coordination between traffic exploitation and land use, tourist transportation, and transport optimization within the urban areas.