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Nanning Qingshan Road, South Lake Connection

Nanning, China

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Surface Transportation


Roadway Design

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Asia Pacific

The Nanning Qingshan Road is 1.25 kilometers long, including an 879-meter tunnel of ≥4.5 meters net height. A six-lane two-way road, it has a design speed of 50 kilometers per hour, which is consistent with a 1938-meter interchange ramp and a 474-meter ramp tunnel.

The Project started at Qingshan Road, crossing South Lake Park to South Yuanhu Road, which is classified as an urban first-rank arterial road.

Project Highlights:

  • A comprehensive study was made of the Nanning urban transport system to determine the optimum construction concepts, standards and means of connection.
  • TYLI China maximized the protection of the ecological environment of South Lake Park by carefully integrating the Project into South Lake Park’s natural landscape.
  • An ultra-shallow tunnel was applied for an underwater section of the ramp tunnel in order to resolve the issues of a short ramp and a deep slope.
  • The addition of an open window in the middle of the tunnel allowed the Project to meet fire control requirements, provide natural lighting for green landscaping and produce a unique and comfortable driving space.

Services Provided:

TYLI China provided complete design services for this project.