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Nanping Integrated Transportation Terminal

Chongqing, China

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Rail and Transit


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Asia Pacific

Nanping’s Central Transportation Terminal is a complex transportation system project, which includes the underground Nanping Station of Metro Line 3, the establishment of five underground expressway alignments, underground public areas and the Nanping Ring Road Traffic Improvement Project. The Project was approximately 1 kilometer in length from north to south and 40 meters wide.

Project Highlights:

  • The complexity of the horizontal and vertical planning made this a particularly challenging project, but Nanping’s Central Transportation Terminal is now a modern and distinctive underground light rail station of unique design.
  • A well-designed, convenient and efficient pedestrian traffic system has been established.
  • Detailed planning of excavation works achieved the required underground spaces and their accesses.
  • The Project met the comprehensive requirements for systematic analysis and successful resolution of issues relating to construction in underground environments.

Services Provided:

TYLI China produced the conceptual, preliminary, and detailed designs for the entire Integrated Transportation Terminal.