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National Freeway No.1 Widening Yuanlin to Kaoshiung


Market Sector

Bridge, Surface Transportation


Conventional, Roadway Design

Services Provided

Construction Management, Design, Planning, Surveying, Environmental, Seismic Analysis and Design


Asia Pacific

The widening of Taiwan’s first national freeway, National Freeway #1, included the reconstruction of three bridges which had failed to conform to new flood control requirements. TYLI Taiwan adopted a new “Lateral Slide Construction” method for this Project.

Project Highlights:

  • A temporary bridge girder will first be constructed alongside the original bridge in order to keep the old bridge open to traffic during the Project. Two-way traffic will continue travel in two lanes in either direction (with a 1-meter inside shoulder and 2.5-meter to 3-meter outside shoulder width).
  • The temporary bridge girder will be moved laterally into position to become part of the widened structure, maintaining the original alignment and saving on girder cost.
  • Once the temporary bridge is in place, construction will begin on the new bridge.
  • After the new bridge has been completed, the temporary bridge structure will be demolished.