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New Outdoor Stadium

Sarawak, Malaysia

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Construction Engineering and Inspection, Design


Asia Pacific

Occupying an area bound by a radius of 120 meters, the stadium is split into four quadrants, each a mirror image of the adjacent one. With four levels in total, the stadium has a capacity seating of 40,000. A structural ‘Mexican Wave’ was created by the stadium’s architects to provide a fitting venue for the Junior World Cup Tournament.

Project Highlights:

  • The structure includes precast double tee beams and bleachers, which span about 19 meters between the main reinforced concrete frames.
  • The main support for the radial beams and the roof is an external ring of 2.5 meter x 1.2 meter columns, inclined at approximately 10 degrees from the vertical and measuring between 33 meters high at the side of the stadium to 14 meters at the end.
  • The roof structure has 40 cantilever steel trusses, mounted on the top of each of the raised columns and linked to the trusses on either side by four curved, horizontal arches. Cantilever lengths vary from 17 meters at the ends of the stadium to 44 meters at the center line position. Two pairs of cables anchored to the concrete columns and free-moving through the trusses on each side of the stadium help to resist the uplift force, and additional reinforcement concrete tie beam has been installed to carry the lateral forces into the structure.