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T.Y. Lin International was awarded a term contract to assist NYSDOT in developing studies that would help minimize the transportation impacts of development, and that would more closely link transportation improvements and operations to local economic and quality-of-life objectives.

The results and recommendations of these studies were used to revise municipal planning documents (such as zoning ordinances, comprehensive plans, and subdivision regulations) and to advance the preliminary design of local transportation system improvements.

Project Highlights:

  • Transportation analyses
  • Design of intersections and medians
  • Land-use plans
  • Public involvement program

The studies were implemented in conjunction with local municipalities and focused primarily on State arterials. The environments under evaluation varied from fully developed commercial strips and municipal centers to more lightly developed, or largely undeveloped corridors. The scope-of-work for the studies includes such items as development build-out analyses; transportation network and intersection capacity analyses; ordinance revisions (including driveway spacing and corner clearance standards); retrofit plans (including driveway consolidation and interconnection of commercial properties plans); access road and local street network connection plans; intersection and median designs; land use and zoning plans and recommendations; and public participation programs. This program is also focused on maintaining and/or improving quality of life and livability objectives of the communities by promoting walkability, smart growth, and regional connectivity.