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Port of Miami – Crane Electrification

Miami-Dade County, Florida

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Ports and Marine


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The Port of Miami has long been recognized as the "Cargo Gateway of the Americas". In 2010 alone, over 7.4 million tons of cargo passed through the port. The job of loading and unloading the cargo belongs largely to gantry cranes located on one of six gantry cranes wharves throughout the port. As part of the Port of Miami redevelopment program, the electrification of these gantry crane docks was performed in order to convert the existing cranes from diesel to a cleaner, more efficient electric power source.

Project Highlights:

  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Analysis
  • Design Review

T.Y. Lin International was responsible for performing a cost analysis of the complete proposed electrical and mechanical design to determine possible alternatives. The purpose was to optimize the design in relation to short-term capital cost, as well as long-term costs such as those for maintenance and energy. The firm's proposed alternates to the design resulted in savings of over $4.8M.