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Retaining Wall Along Riverside Drive to George Washington Bridge

New York, New York

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Surface Transportation



Services Provided

Construction Management, Construction Engineering and Inspection


Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography
Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography
Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography
Photo credit: Blueprint22 Photography

T. Y. Lin International (TYLI) provided Resident Engineering Inspection (REI) to the New York City Department of Design and Construction for the retaining wall project along Riverside Drive to the George Washington Bridge in New York City. The project featured the complete reconstruction of 600 linear feet of a variable height retaining wall and the rehabilitation of 300 linear feet of retaining wall and associated elements.

The reconstruction of the retaining wall included parapet and copping stone; replacement of a 36-inch-diameter reinforced concrete (RC) sewer system, a 12-inch-diameter water main, and gas mains; construction of the catch basin, concrete sidewalks, and steel-faced concrete curbs; and reconstruction of three-inch-thick asphalt pavement with a 10-inch-thick concrete subbase for a 600-foot, two-lane ramp to the George Washington Bridge.

TYLI’s REI team oversaw daily site inspection activities, reviewed contractor’s submittals and schedules, coordinated contractor payment package paperwork, provided site safety audits to ensure safe work environment, and performed other administrative duties as needed.

Project Highlights:

  • The REI team was responsible for monitoring project progress and maintaining accurate records.
  • TYLI field inspectors oversaw contractor’s work for conformance to plans, specifications, and contract requirements.
  • Extensive maintenance and protection of traffic (MPT) planning was required.
  • Challenges met by the TYLI team include resolving conflicts with underground utilities and overseeing traffic planning for the many hospital buildings abutting the site.