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Sanhao Bridge is located in the southern part of the city of Shenyang and spans the Hun River. It connects the city centre area with Heping District and Changbai Industrial Park.

The bridge is 1340 meters long with a main span of 270 meters. The 32-34 meters wide deck carries three traffic lanes in both directions and has two 4.5 meter wide pedestrian/bicycle paths, one on each side of the deck.

The special design of the Sanhao Bridge fulfills Shenyang’s desire for an iconic landmark at a reasonable cost.

Project Highlights:

  • The main bridge features two steel arch shaped towers that resemble a “V” when viewed from a side angle. The main span is a combination of 2×100 meter single pier and two tied-arch pylon cable-stayed structure.
  • The relatively low cost of construction was made possible by utilizing a prestressed concrete box girder for the main spans.
  • The bridge features 11 pairs of stay cables on each side of the bridge towers, arranged in a harp configuration. These cables consist of prefabricated, galvanized parallel wires with Hi-Am type sockets. Each pair of cables on each side of the towers is connected by a horizontal cable parallel to the bridge axis. The forces in the horizontal cables are adjusted so that there will be no transverse force acting on the arch ribs under permanent load condition. Consequently, there is no bending moment in the arch ribs in the bridge longitudinal direction under permanent loads. At the lower end, the cables are anchored to the edge of the main girder and spaced 8 meters apart.

Services Provided:

T.Y. Lin International China provided complete design services for the Sanhao Bridge.

Eugene C. Figg Medal, 2009
International Bridge Conference (IBC)
Global Road Achievement Award for Design, 2009
International Road Federation (IRF)