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Second Avenue Subway

New York, New York

Market Sector

Rail and Transit


Passenger and Transit

Services Provided

Construction Engineering and Inspection, Construction Management, Surveying



In The News

The project was proposed as to provide commuter train service along the easterly side of Manhattan from downtown to 125th Street.

Project Highlights:

  • $16 Billion Major Transportation Project in New York City
  • 8 miles of Subway Tunnel
  • Digital Leveling
  • Low Altitude Mapping Photography (LAMP)
  • High Definition Survey
  • Subsurface Mapping
  • G.P.S. Real Time Kinematic (R.T.K.)

As part of the overall SAS project management team, T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) was fully responsible for land surveying, aerial mapping and property acquisition/right-of-way services. TYLI directly managed and coordinated the activities of subconsultant land surveying and aerial mapping companies assigned to this significant project.

Task responsibilities included project primary, secondary, aerial and subsurface control, utility survey mapping, and subsurface survey of existing tunnel sections, field edit survey and property acquisition mapping.

As part of the design, the Second Avenue Subway was required to no impact in the other existing station localities as such a detailed subsurfacing survey effort was required.

TYLI used L.A.M.P. for street level mapping, H.D.S. for both surface and subsurface mapping effort, use of G.P.S. R.T.K. mode for environmental tasks.