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Sky Bridge Over the Fraser River

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Market Sector

Bridge, Rail and Transit


Cable-Stayed, Passenger and Transit, Transit

Services Provided

Construction Engineering and Inspection, Design



T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) served as a special consultant to the design team for the Sky Bridge over the Fraser River in Vancouver, Canada. The TYLI team also assisted in the development of the tower configuration and aerodynamics.

The 616-meter-long narrow-deck girder, with its 340-meter-long main span, carries two light rail tracks fixed directly to the girder. The girder is composed of precast prestressed concrete segments that measure 5.5 meters long and 12.56 meters wide.

Following bridge design, TYLI was employed by the contractor to provide construction engineering services. The erection analysis included temporary stabilizing cables and anchors in the analytical modeling of the constantly evolving bridge structure during construction. The towers are 123 meters high with cables spaced at 11 meters apart.

Project Highlights:

  • Because the 1.10-meter-deep deck was not strong enough to support itself during the cantilevering process, TYLI designed two special lifters suspended from the top of tower at all times to minimize the load on the front end of the cantilever.
  • The Sky Bridge was the world’s longest cable-supported, transit-only bridge at project completion.
  • The bridge is also the first precast cable-stayed crossing to use a solid deck slab without transverse floor beams.