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Taijiang Bridge

Sanming, Fujian Provance, China

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Arch, Cable-Stayed

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Asia Pacific

As winners of a design competition held by the city of Sanming in China, T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) was selected to provide the design for the Taijiang Bridge over the Sha River. TYLI’s design was based on the concept of a partially cable-supported girder bridge. The advantage of this concept is the ability to fully utilize the capacity of both the cable-stayed system and the bridge girder. TYLI’s innovative design for the steel arch-shaped tower and cables fulfilled the City’s aesthetic requirements, while also providing a cost-effective design that allowed the Taijiang Bridge to be delivered under budget. The 34-meter-wide bridge deck has two 110-meter main spans and 50-meter and 60-meter side spans on each side, for a continuous total length of 440 meters.

Project Highlights:

  • The 3.0-meter-deep girder is made of prestressed concrete and the tower is steel.
  • To simplify construction and amend the schedule around the low-water season, the girder was built by first using falsework.
  • The towers were erected with the help of a steel frame and a big winch traveling on top of the frame.
  • The cables are placed in an inverted arrangement, adding visual appeal from all angles. All cables anchor at the middle of the deck so that they do not exert asymmetrical loads on the tower. In this case, all torsional moment due to asymmetrical loading on the bridge is carried by the concrete box girder.
  • Cables were prefabricated with galvanized parallel wires encased in a high density PE pipe. All cables were stressed from the tower end.
  • The upper portion of the Taijiang Bridge tower is basically a tied arch. A pair of horizontal cables acts as ties. The force in these horizontal cables can be adjusted by stressing the vertical cable which is connected to the horizontal tie cables at the midpoint. The lower portion of the tower consists of two outward leaning struts that carry vertical loads from the arch of the tower to the foundation.
Honor Award, 2013
American Council of Engineering Companies of California (ACEC-CA)
National Honor Award, 2013
American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)