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Taipei Mass Rapid Transit System, NanGang Line

Taipei, Taiwan

Market Sector

Rail and Transit


Communications and Signaling, Passenger and Transit, Stations, Yards and Terminals

Services Provided

Architecture, Design, Planning, Surveying, Environmental, Seismic Analysis and Design


Asia Pacific

The Taipei MRT Project includes two underground stations, a section of board tunnel, and a cut and cover tunnel connected to a 3R joint tunnel that is shared by MRT, the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) and high-speed rail (HSR).

One Nangang station links with the neighboring TRA station with two entrances. The other station links with another MRT Neihu line through an underground passage tunnel. Both stations are very essential as transfer stations for the MRT lines.

Project Highlights:

  • Architectural aesthetics for the first underground Nangang station is based on the theme of “Memory and Hi-Tech”, illustrating that more traditional themes can coexist perfectly with exceptional and modern products.
  • For the second station, the theme is “Digital Space and Electricity”, a high-visual concept that blends architectural design details that represent modern, speed and hi-tech.

Services Provided:

Design Lot DE200 is composed of two separate contracts with TYLI Taiwan, and each comes with a civil contract, an E/M contract, an E/C contract, an elevator contract and an escalator contract.