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TRA Hsinchu Neiwan Line Improvement Program

Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Market Sector

Rail and Transit


Communications and Signaling, Passenger and Transit, Stations, Yards and Terminals

Services Provided

Architecture, Construction Management, Program Management


Asia Pacific

This Project links the Hsinchu Railway Station and the newly completed High-Speed Railway Hsinchu Station. The new dual-track rail system will allow passengers to travel quickly in and out of downtown Hsinchu. The railway will travel adjacent to the previous railway lines from Hsinchu until Chuzhong Station, and then branch out to HSR Hsinchu Station along the western side of the station on an elevated track.

Project Highlights:

  • The original at-grade, single-track railway spanning between Chuzhong Station and Neiwan Station will be preserved during construction of the new line.
  • The Hsinchu Line Improvement Program consists of 11.1 kilometers of track and links the TRA Hsinchu Station and Hsinchu High-Speed Railway Station.
  • The Project includes New North Hsinchu, Chienjia, Xinzhuang, Chuzhong and Liuchia stations, a total of 5 stations with elevated platforms.

Services Provided:

TYLI Taiwan will provide detailed design and review; construction supervision; environmental monitoring; and basic mechanical and electrical systems design.