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Twin River Bridge

Chongqing, China

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Known as the “Bridge Capital of China,” the city of Chongqing is intersected by two major rivers, the Yangtze River in the south and the Jialing River in the north. In 2008, Chongqing City Investment and Construction Company held an international design competition to select the concept design of two signature bridges whose prominence would add a significant element to the city’s skyline without blocking views of the city.

The main function of the two bridges is allowing both light rail and road traffic from the southern district to flow though Yuzhong to the northern district without interruption. Along with the aesthetic requirements, the two bridges should be cost effective. This led to the selection of a new design scheme, the partially cable-supported girder bridge, developed by TYLI Chairman, Man-Chung Tang.

This relatively new concept, the partially cable-supported girder bridge, offers a transparent bridge configuration that is aesthetically pleasing and, at the same time, economical due to its structural efficiency.

The Project resulted in two bridges: the 954 meters long Dongshuimen Yangtze River Bridge; and the Qianximen Jialing River Bridge at 880 meters long, of which 352 meters of the total length is cable-stayed construction.

Project Highlights:

  • Both bridges have dual level decks. The upper deck supports four traffic lanes and sidewalks, while the lower deck carries two transit tracks for Chongqing Light Rail Line 6. A single plane of cables supply partial support for the steel truss girder of each bridge.
  • The Dongshuimen Bridge, which crosses the Yangtze River in the south to the Yuzhong peninsula, features a 445 meters long cable-stayed deck, twin pylons, single plane cables and a steel truss beam.
  • The Qianximen Bridge, which crosses the Jialing River in the northern district, has single plane cables, a steel truss beam and a single pylon.
  • The simple, modern looking of the main towers expresses dramatically the city’s dynamic combination of both historical and contemporary features.

Services Provided:

TYLI China performed the conceptual, preliminary and detailed designs for the two bridges.