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US Army Corps of Engineers at Picatinny Arsenal

Jefferson, New Jersey

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T.Y. Lin International (TYLI) has been providing survey services at Picatinny for multiple prime consultants since 2003. Located less than 15 miles from this important research and development military installation, we are able to provide USACE with quick and efficient response to any issues arising at this military base.

Project Highlights:

  • Prime consultant won ACEC’s award for the design of SRS/Scat Gun
  • Go-to powerhouse for many survey needs due to the quick and accurate response of our crews

Projects to-date have included the following:

Explosives R& D Facility The project scope included the preparation of concept and final designs; planning charrettes; professional engineering services; feasibility and concept studies; post-design shop drawing review; construction phase services; and construction administration for three new buildings. The first is a loading facility for machining explosives (10,000 square feet), the second is a machining processing building (1,000 square feet), and the third is an administrative office building (2,200 square feet).

TYLI provided survey information for the design and construction of a proposed Explosive R&D Loading Facility and for the placement of an underground Fiber Optic Cable. The survey encompassed approximately 9.5 acres along 5th Avenue. The detailed topographic work included buildings, structures, roadways, utility poles, transformers, overhead piping, drainage features, manholes and valves. TYLI worked with information provided by the Picatinny Arsenal DPW for existing utility mark-outs. Cross-Sections were obtained at 100-foot intervals for a 50-foot bandwidth centered on the proposed alignment.

SRS/Scat Gun This ACEC award-winning project included the site development, design and construction of Soft Recovery System (SRS), Soft Catch (SCat) Gun. The SRS/SCat gun is a unique way of testing developmental ammunition. TYLI provided topographic survey and septic design for the new shooting/test facility. The topographic survey consisted of ground survey of points within the new facility and immediate vicinity. The points were used to generate break lines from which contours were developed. Using these contours, a site plan was generated depicting the proposed grading for the site to accommodate the shooting/test facility and any accompanying structures. Additionally, TYLI conducted a survey to determine the permeability rate for a new septic system. Based on the results from a testing lab, TYLI was able to design the septic system for the proposed use.

G&W Turret A contractor was installing a gun mounted turret for the Navy within Picatinny Arsenal. TYLI performed field and office survey services to determine the as-built elevations of three separate turrets.